In Loving Memory – Snickers

Center-Sinai is pleased to be able to share this warm pet eulogiy to Snickers the Hamster

Snickers was an absolutely wonderful hamster. He was Syrian and probably the best hamster any family could have had around! We will miss him so much! We loved him with all our hearts! He had a brother named Waffle that passed earlier in his time with the family. Waffles and Snickers used to run on the wheel at the same time! One would be on top of the wheel while the other was in the wheel. It was so cool to watch them when they did this! After Waffle passed away, we brought in a new hamster to join the family. Her name is Honey because she is a honey bear hamster! She is beautiful and no wonder Snickers fell in love with her! He always wanted her to be the mother of his younglings but we wouldn’t let him go through with it! Snickers was known as Nick’ Nick’ to us and we used to use “n” in front of every word we could think of! It’s fun if you try!

God Bless your soul, Nick’Nick! and we will always miss you! Nean yourself, Nick’Nick!

Submitted by John Coldwell


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