COVID 19 Changes & Updates

Due to both the COVID-19 outbreak that has affected areas worldwide and the current STAY AT HOME orders, we have implemented new protocols/guidelines for clients to coincide with our new policy. The changes are absolutely necessary in our effort to keep everyone as safe as possible during this crisis. They are also essential as they allow for us to remain open and to be of service to you, our valued clients. These changes will remain in effect until further notice. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we all try to adjust to these trying times. 

The new protocols/guidelines: 1. If you or anyone you have had close contact with has traveled in the last 2 weeks, has been ill with a respiratory illness, or has been diagnosed with COVID-19, please let us know ASAP. 2. For appointments or pet/medication/food pickups, you must wait in your car and call us to check in/notify us of your arrival. Please see the details below. The only exception to this will be euthanasia appointments. These will still be done in person in an exam room. 3. For safe travel from your car and in/out the clinic, your cat MUST be in a cat carrier. 4. Every dog must arrive on arrive on a secured leash. When our staff member comes out to pick up your dog, he/she will use one of our leads to bring the pet in.

For all drop off services (Anesthetic Procedures, Exams, Boarding and Grooming):

  1. Prior to your appointment, we will email you the appropriate drop off form. Please email it back or fill it out at home and bring it with you when you drop off your pet. If you are unable to do this, please call us when you arrive and we will bring it out for you to complete.
  2. When you arrive you can call: 310-838-1234 or 310-559-3770 and inform the front desk that you are checking in for your drop off appointment.
  3. To reduce risks for all involved, all communications will take place by phone.
  4. For pick up: to help expedite the check-out process, we kindly ask that you prepay for all services over the phone. For cash and check payments, you will have to pay at our walk-up window.

For Appointments (non drop off):

  1. Upon your arrival, call 310-838-1234 or 310-559-3770 to notify us that you are checking in for your appointment.
  2. We will confirm the purpose of the visit and get a brief medical history over the phone along with your cellphone number so that you can be called while you wait in your car.
  3. A staff member will then be sent out to retrieve your pet so that the exam can be performed.
  4. All exam details and any recommendations, as well as check out, will all take place by phone
  5. 5. Once the visit has been completed, your pet will be brought back out to your car.

Medication Refills and Food Pick-Ups: All medication refills and food pick up must be pre-ordered and prepaid prior to your arrival. If you need to pay by cash/check, we will accept payment at our walk up window. We apologize, as some products have went on backorder and are currently out of stock. Due to the current crisis, we have had some difficulties getting some items. We are working on getting them back promptly.

Online Prescriptions, Home Delivery/Mail Services: Many clients are already using online pharmacies to get refills/special diets. We will continue to expedite your refill requests in a timely manner. If you would prefer to have home delivery or meds mailed to you, the front desk can provide a few referral numbers for delivery and provide more details about mailing out meds. Call 310-838-1234 or 310-559-3770 for more info.


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