Story Time with Dr. B

Enjoy a cuppa as you read a pet ‘n’ people ‘tail’ by Dr. B.

The Year of Perfect Symmetry

February 14, 2014 was celebrated in most households as Valentine’s Day. For some families it was celebrated as a romantic wedding anniversary. But in our household it was to be celebrated as the eleventh birthday of Fessie, the source of all beauty, for our family of French Bulldogs. IT WAS ONLY TWO DAYS AFTER OUR […]

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In the Time of Gestation

Breeding Frenchies Can Be Nerve-Wracking! Not….unfortunately not. Thirty days after her Valentine’s Day tryst with a pipette of semen, courtesy of Homer, an ultrasound confirmed that Laila was definitely not pregnant. What went wrong I kept asking myself, but the more that I thought about it, the more that I convinced myself that it just […]

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