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Story Time with Dr. B

Enjoy a cuppa as you read a pet ‘n’ people ‘tail’ by Dr. B.

The Fessie Saga #4

Hot Fessie It’s over.  Finally.  I thought that we were finished two days ago. Then we found several new small specks of blood on the sheets that have been covering the couches and chairs for the last month.  But now it is really over and the heat period that had featured twenty-nine days of bleeding […]

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Laila Tov Saga #1 – Laila Tov, Dr. Baum’s great-granddaughter, competes in Ventura dog shows.

Last weekend I drove up to Ventura to exhibit Laila, my seven month old French Bulldog puppy, in two AKC shows. I had to leave my Bel Air home before dawn in order to bring Laila to the professional handlers that would be showing her for me. I had been a little concerned about the […]

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The Laila Tov Saga #2 – Fessie’s Frenchie Competes in her first Big Girl Dog Show

The X Factor After Laila’s great successes in her initial series of shows as a six to nine month old puppy, we returned to the show ring with great expectations for her as a nine to twelve month old contestant in her first Big Girls French Bulldog show. Unfortunately, in spite of her great looks […]

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The Laila Tov Saga #3

Getting to the Point!   Even though Laila was entered in the show, I was reluctant to give up another Saturday morning mountain bike ride with my friends. I had made the decision to skip the Saturday show and attend the one on Sunday morning at the campus of Cal Poly Pomona. During the previous […]

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The Laila Tov Saga #4 — Our Girl Wins Champion Title!

That’s How We Got The Picture! I always knew that Laila was destined to be a champion. Most people in French Bulldog circles would logically attribute her conformational charms to her father as he was a celebrated Grand Champion. But what most French Bulldog people don’t know is the fantastic, though less decorated, lineage on […]

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The Laila Tov Saga #5 — Laila Tov Wins “Select Dog”… and Surprise Contestants in the dog show

I was really looking forward to the shows in Palm Springs which were to be held on the first weekend of January. Not only was the venue beautiful — the grounds of The Empire Polo Club in Indio (coincidentally also the site of the famous Coachella Valley Music Festival) — but our hotel accommodations in […]

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The Laila Tov Saga #6 — Mothers and Daughters … and a Comer From the Family

The Tale of Laila, Modi and …. Seaside Park in Ventura, California has always been one of my favorite venues. First of all, an early morning Saturday or Sunday drive up the coast (with no traffic) as the sun comes up behind you is always enjoyable. Secondly, Seaside Park is always cooled by ocean breezes […]

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The Laila Tov Saga #7 — Our Girl Wins Again!

In the forty years that I have lived in California I have driven to and from San Diego on many occasions. Several landmarks on the journey stand out in my memory: the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant followed by the expanse and isolation of Camp Pendleton and lastly the Grandstand of the Del Mar Racetrack. […]

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The Laila Tov Saga #8 – Hard to Handle

In oh, so many ways Reality has a way of intruding on our illusions. Ever since Laila started on her terrific run to attain her Grand Championship, I felt that I was missing something by turning her over to professional handlers. After all, shouldn’t I really be the one who guides her through her paces […]

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A (French Bulldog) Family Affair! The Laila Tov Saga #9

I was eagerly anticipating the weekend of shows at the Earl Warren Show Grounds in Santa Barbara for several reasons. For one thing, after her Best of Opposite Sex award at the South Bay Kennel Club Show, earlier in the month, I felt that Laila was hitting her stride and was ready for the top […]

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A New Wrinkle in the Baum Family Dog Show Saga – Judging

Today was a first for me at the dog show. I actually knew the judge of the French Bulldogs, having exhibited with him over the past year and a half. I had gotten to know him through many conversations as well as having been the recipient of several of his veterinary referrals. In addition, he […]

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What’s in a Name? How Dr. B Named His Frenchies

From the first day that Laila’s name appeared in a show catalogue, fellow exhibitors have asked me what is the meaning of Fessel’s — Nes Gadol Modani’s Laila Tov. What kind of name is that for a little French Bulldog? The answer is quite simple: Tradition! We bought our first French Bulldog in June of […]

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