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Story Time with Dr. B

Enjoy a cuppa as you read a pet ‘n’ people ‘tail’ by Dr. B.

Here Comes The Judge — Dr. Baum Awards Best Puppy Prize at Shoreline Dog Fanciers Association Show

Dr. Baum — and the proud puppy and owner — are clearly having a grand time as Dr. B awards the prize for Best Puppy in the Show at the Dog Fanciers Association Show in Shoreline, December 6, 2015. “Best Puppy in Show” is an award Laila Tov won as a youth, you may recall. […]

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Mabel Bourne & Coquette, Her Senior Pet

Mabel Bourne was a client I inherited when I bought Center-Sinai Animal Hospital in 1979.  She was an elderly lady who owned an ancient apricot poodle whom she adored.  Mabel lived within a few blocks of the animal hospital, and as she was too old to drive she would walk to the hospital pushing a […]

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Help! What Dr. B Likes about Being a Veterinarian

I owe my daughter, Melanie, the most heartfelt thanks for helping me to discover something really basic about myself. In response to a fourth grade assignment, she advised me that I was to be the subject of an interview.  I was delighted at the prospect and immediately sat down at the dining room table where […]

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A Case of Mistaken Identity

I was introduced to the importance of proper patient identification in a rather unique way.  At our first lecture on avian anatomy, the professor exhorted us;  “Fellas,” he began, “It is so important for you to learn this material as the standards of care are changing.  Years ago, the standard treatment for any disease of […]

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Chicken of the Sea

Anacapa Island is one of the Channel Islands, a chain of small islands that lie off the Ventura/Santa Barbara Coast. It is accessible only by boat. Several small tour operators regularly run excursions to Anacapa and its neighboring islands. Recently, my wife, Linda and I drove up the coast from Los Angeles and spent the […]

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A Pregnant Pause

As a doctor, I have always been somewhat obsessive about trying to avoid giving medications to pregnant animals. I never vaccinate any animal that is pregnant. During my wife’s three pregnancies I bugged her about even the drinking of one glass of wine. How did I get to be this way? What went wrong? During […]

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The world’s greatest patient

And who would that be?  It’s gotta be my Gadi! Melanie describes Gadi as “socially awkward.”  In his seven years he has never given any family member (other than Fessie) anything resembling a lick, much less a kiss.  In times of turmoil, he’s the first one to run to his bed, usually carrying a stuffed […]

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Meeting Bill Clinton

A lifetime of doing crossword puzzles, compounded by the seemingly endless vocabulary lists that I studied in high school, eventually led me to Stamford, Connecticut, where I participated in the New York Times Annual Crossword Puzzle Tournament. I started doing these puzzles from the time I was seven or eight years old, inspired by watching […]

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The Last Patient – A Dental Tale by Dr. Baum

No…it’s not what you think. This has nothing to do with seeing my last patient. Rather, it concerns me being the last patient, of my daughter, Dr. Melanie Baum DDS. She had decided to leave general dentistry and embark on a three year residency in Orthodonture at Montefiore Hospital, in The Bronx. Her acceptance into […]

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The Fessie Saga #1 — It’s always nice to rediscover why you like doing what you do

Two months ago, just before Father’s Day, my wife and I bought a French Bulldog from a breeder in Apple Valley. I had met her brother during an exam and found out that his sister’s purchase had fallen through and that she was now available for a buyer with cash in hand. There was an […]

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The Fessie Saga #2 — When Fessie Met Cousteau

Last Saturday night, while en-route to see a play in West Hollywood, luck was with me. As I attempted to make a left turn off of Santa Monica Boulevard, my wife, Linda, screamed out, “There’s a French Bulldog!” I immediately swerved across two lanes of traffic to the right, to overtake the dog and his […]

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The Fessie Saga #3

Looking for Love Almost immediately after getting Fessie I knew that I wanted her to have puppies. Friends and family are already requesting her progeny.  Considerable thought is being expended in the selection of her mate. But unfortunately, in the world of dogs, a tryst is less like “Strangers in the Night” and more like […]

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