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Pet Photos

The Baums’ Happily Extended Family – of Frenchies

In answer to the pleas of thousands of fans, Dr. Baum and his family are proud to announce the joining of paws of wonderful French Bulldog Fessel with the regal Gadi, and the subsequent arrival of their charming daughter, Modani. Click on any photo in the series to see it enlarged. Look for the final WOW […]

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Special Announcement! Dr. B Becomes A Great Granddad!

Dr. Baum’s Family of Frenchies – Second Installment Meet Modani’s kids, Fess and Gadi’s Grandchildren, Laila Tov and Boker Tov!  What’s not to love? See what happened at 7 months And next, Laila Tov in her first big girl dog show….. Hold your paws! Laila wins Champion Title! Read the “tail,” and see the photo. […]

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Frenchie Family Photo Album from French Bulldog Club of America’s Santa Barbara Specialty Show

Photos by Mary Lynn Machado  For the story behind these lovely French Bulldog Family photos check the link below: French Bulldog Club of America Dog Show in Santa Barbara Sees The Whole Family Perform Are you thinking of getting a new purebred doggie, or breeding one of your own? Things to consider — Dr. […]

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Baby tigers monkey around

Talk about heartwarming! There is a whole set of photos of Anjara, the chimp who has been mothering a series of abandoned felines, as reported in the UK’s The Sun. Click the photo or link below to see them all, along with the story.

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Paternal dog Billy takes on an unusual kid

Here’s a new one to catch. Photos to tug at your heartstrings from the Daily Mail in the UK, telling the tale of an abandoned kid adopted by a dog at an animal shelter. Mama goat rejected the young one to care for the two stronger kids. Sometimes survival of the fittest is hard to […]

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A Preemie Deer

A precious little miracle to add some cheer to your day… which we all need! Here is a great short story with a few sweet photos. This little premature deer is named Rupert and is living at Tiggy wiggles Hospital in England. Fitting name, right? You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never […]

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Funny Pet Photos is proud to present your cat, dog and horse pictures from our First Annual Funniest Pet Photo Contest! Wanna know who won the pet photo contest? Click here! To see any of these swell photos enlarged, just click it. To return to this page, just hit your browser’s back button.

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Announcing the winners – First annual CSAH pet photo contest

And now, the news you’ve all been biting your paws about. The Prize Winner in the First Annual CSAH Funniest Pet Photo Contest is…. Congratulations, Melissa! Your gorgeous shot of your elegant friend captured the prize — A $25 credit at Center-Sinai! Below are our two very special runners up…..   First Place Runner Up […]

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Pets on Parade-Photos of Dogs & Cats & More Animals

Here’s a photo of a bundle of fur much beloved by his folks, and all who meet him… Meet Scrappy at 7 weeks. The young lad is a mix of pug and chihuahua, and completely adorable, no? If you’d like to see more of the wee one as a grownup, please visit our testimonials, and […]

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