Pet Eulogies

Below you’ll find our tributes to pets, a column begun by the the moving memoir sent in by Margaret Cox and Al Schepps, members of the Center-Sinai Animal Hospital family. Those of us who have gone through the experience of losing one or more of our pets know that we feel very strongly that we have lost a family member. And regardless of the fact that all living beings do pass away, it hurts.

All research points to the fact that getting the story out helps the grieving process, so we are very glad to have the wonderful hailing of pussycat Earl Grey’s spirit in the piece below.

We hope you find some comfort here, if you have lost a pet. And, please, if you have a story you’d like to share, click the button below and send it in. We’re posting visitor stories and photos, and would be pleased to add yours. Share your eulogy

In Loving Memory – Snickers

Snickers was an absolutely wonderful hamster. He was Syrian and probably the best hamster any family could have had around! We will miss him so much! We loved him with all our hearts! He had a brother named Waffle that passed earlier in his time with the family. Waffles and Snickers used to run on […]

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In Memoriam… Sam Moreno

His birthday was April 18, 1996. He died December 25, 2008 Sam was a patient at Center-Sinai his whole life and we did receive great care there. When I phoned with this crisis I was treated with patience and understanding while on the phone. I really appreciate that response. Sincerely, Kathleen A. Moreno, M.D. Diplomate, […]

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In Memorium… Robby , who lived with us until 1:30 AM, Sept. 18, 2008

When I got home, after Robby was put to sleep because he had had a heart attack, had suffered long enough and had a poor chance of recovery, sorrow dictated the following tribute to my dog: One tiny dog leaves with a huge impression of loss. Robby, you were always a sweet loving friend. Always […]

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In Memorium – Bootsy

1996-2008 Bootsy was born May 1996 to his Mother Picky. Who just happened to live next door.  Picky loved to escape from her yard, run the streets and leave her poor puppies to fend for themselves. One day we heard a puppy crying under a parked car. We brought him home!  I named him after […]

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In Loving Memory – K. C. Grinley

Pet tribute sent to us by Diane Grinley

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In Memorium – Mephistopheles

March 1996 – September 2007. Sent to us by Charlene Ward

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In Memorium Earl Grey, photo taken Jan., 2005

Our beloved cat, Earl Grey, passed away November 26, 2007, at home peacefully due to kidney failure. He was almost 20 years old. We were very lucky that he adopted us many years ago and he was a delight, friendly to all, and will be greatly missed. Dr. Baum of Center Sinai Animal Hospital kept […]

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