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Pet Eulogies

Below you’ll find our tributes to pets, a column begun by the the moving memoir sent in by Margaret Cox and Al Schepps, members of the Center-Sinai Animal Hospital family. Those of us who have gone through the experience of losing one or more of our pets know that we feel very strongly that we have lost a family member. And regardless of the fact that all living beings do pass away, it hurts.

All research points to the fact that getting the story out helps the grieving process, so we are very glad to have the wonderful hailing of pussycat Earl Grey’s spirit in the piece below.

We hope you find some comfort here, if you have lost a pet. And, please, if you have a story you’d like to share, click the button below and send it in. We’re posting visitor stories and photos, and would be pleased to add yours. Share your eulogy

My heart…Bobm, Red Cockapoo A mellow fellow… RIP 2006

Bobm and Smokey Topaz…I miss them both with Onyx, who is still with us. Bobm was the red cockapoo top, and above and on the left, who died in 2006 after a dog attack, from Hemangiosarcoma. Smokey Topaz was the grey mini poodle on the right in the photo above, who passed away two months […]

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From The Ledgeman, Tribute to Dog Nalu

May, 2010 In this eloquent, visual tribute to his dog Nalu, the Ledgeman expresses the love they shared, and the adventures. We thank you for taking the time to share these with us, and hope that with time some healing has occurred.

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Reno’s Farewell – A Loving Tribute to a Brave Malamute

July 5, 1998 – February 27, 2012 Eulogy for Reno de Anda Fast, Wolf-Malamute Reno, we thank you for living with us and bringing many fond experiences to our family. We stand in awe of your majesty and power, and your capacity to be one of us. We are so grateful to have had you […]

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A loving tribute to Prince – January, 2013

It broke our hearts to lose you, but you did not go alone, for part of us went with you the day God called you home. We adopted Prince from a shelter. From the day we brought him home our sweet baby was loved by all. He became diabetic and was so good about getting […]

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In memorium to Tandie Apple – January 2000 – May 2013

We will miss our Tandie Apple she was a Min Pin, Tiny in size but large in presence! She had diabetes, and ended up blind. We had the Vet come to our home to have her go peacefully, which she did. I found this poem and it says it all! May I go now? Do […]

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In loving memory of our beloved cat Zorro always remembered and loved – October 1, 2013

Dear Dr. Baum and Staff, This is the memorial for our beloved cat Zorro. We can shed tears that he is gone, or we can smile because he has lived. We can close our eyes and hope that he’ll come back, or we can open our eyes and see all he’s left behind. Thank you […]

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In loving memory of Hershey – November, 2013

He was a great cat. He will be missed by many who loved him. I would’ve cloned him if i could have, and made another one like him. His brother Toby (taking a bath by the rug in this photo), and our Boxer miss him a lot. I know he is at peace. I am […]

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In memorium : Rama – August 1997 to October 2013

Goodbye to a sweet friend of 16 years. I cherish the memories of purrs, cuddles and conversations in Catlish. How will the household ever again run as smoothly as when you were at the helm? Among the many lessons you taught me, speaking up and continuing to speak up until I get what I need […]

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In loving memory: Palomino – January, 2014

Dear Dr. Baum, I received a letter from the Animal Health Foundation yesterday saying that you and the staff of Center Sinai Animal Hospital have made a generous donation to AHF in memory of Palomino. Marty and I were moved beyond words, and thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You and the staff […]

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A Loving eulogy to Buki Cat – February, 2014

Today I said goodbye to part of my family, my little grey girl Buki. Like it is with anyone’s loss, sometimes they need just to tell a few things about their loved one. Buki was born in the backseat of my car. Her mom was a stray who was suffering from stress, and she had […]

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RIP Lavinia – July 2014

RIP Lavinia, one of my two darling blonde Buff Orpingtons. I will miss your sweet curious gentle self and I hope that wherever you are now there’s an endless supply of your beloved sorrel, safe fields to explore and peck at, cool fine dirt to bathe in and a warm nest whenever you want it. […]

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A Loving Eulogy for Toby Bear Cat – February 1, 2015

My Toby Bear was a loving cat who will be missed. He gave me unconditional love for thirteen years. Sent to us by Lynn K, Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN NOTE: While this tribute is a brief, we can see from her loving eulogy how deeply Lynn cared for her pussycat, and the fellow fur family they […]

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