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Animal Video Fun

We all get wonderful pet and wild animal photos and stories sent to us, and we at decided it would be fun to share with our visitors the ones that strike us as worth a look. Enjoy!

Can the elephant and doggie become friends?

A video with a very different animal tail to tell. In this CBS News feature, Steve Hartman visits an animal sanctuary where a dog, Tara, and an elephant, Bella have formed a unique bond. One of the most amazing tails of friendship we have come across. You will be amazed at how Tara the doggie […]

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Sea Lion Reunites with Rescuer – Video

When a sea lion reunites with his rescuer in this video, we bet your heart warms! While it’s devastating when people are cruel to animals, it’s thrilling when a human being actually helps a fellow living being. Ap-paws to Sgt. Nevis and all the folks making this rescue possible! Let’s make it a point to […]

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Incredible Reunion – Huge Lion Hugs Rescuer

An Incredible Reunion – Huge Lion Hugs Rescuer.  Valentin Gruener gets a huge “thanks!” from Sirga the lioness. He saved her when her pack turned away from her. Now she lives at Gruener’s Modisa Wildlife Project, in Botswana, Africa. A wonderful, moving experience, showing how love extends over time between our furry friends, large in […]

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Extraordinary Mothers – Dog Who Mothers Kittens

Burlington, Iowa Humane Society — Extraordinary Mothers Video. Talk about heartwarming. Here’s another just wonderful Inter-Species Video. Can’t get too much fuzzier than this lovely tail of a dog who mothers kittens. Enjoy!

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Frostie Bird Dancing To Shake Your Tail Feather! © Karla K. Larsson

Shake it, shake it, baby! Frostie is a wonderful performing bird whose human is not mistreating him, as unfortunately happens all too often, so we wanted to share his amazing performance with you. We dare you not to shake your own tail feathers when he starts to move!

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Baby and Boxer Seen on ‘The Bonnie Hunt Show’

This one, a baby and Boxer dog video, isn’t new but somehow just crossed our desktop. SO worth a viewing! You may be directed to watch on YouTube. The link will work there if so. You can easily come back here by closing the tab that your browser displays.

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Hungry Cat

A truly hungry cat! In this fun video you’ll get a kick out of what this cat does. Does the furry black cat in this short story of a film remind you of any pussycats you know?

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Joris Beim – Dinner for One

Have you seen this classic dog dining video by Joris Beim – Dinner for One? Really clever and well done story, with fun sounds. Enough to make anyone salivate for more. One of our fave dog videos….

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Crow and Kitten are Friends?

This one’s title is, “Unlikely Friends.” An early example of a growing, and most charming genre, Inter-Species Videos, you’ll see that instead of being the mortal enemies we are used to seeing, this crow and kitten are friends. A lesson for humans we should take to heart?

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Riding a wave of hope with Ricochet — One of the best inspirational videos ever!

This is a real heart warming video…the tale of a dog who’s a natural surfer, and now a surfing service dog. Note: Once you click you may need to re-click to view this on YouTube. You can then come back here by simply using your browser’s back button, or closing the tab the YouTube video […]

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Hilarious British Animal Voiceover Video

May this wonderful video link to double you up as it did for us! With thanks to the folks at, where clicking the gorilla will take you. Note: Once you click you may need to re-click to view this on YouTube. You can then come back here by simply using your browser’s back […]

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NBC, Los Angeles Times, CBS and Animal Planet