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Dr. Baum’s Great-Great-Great Granddaughter Laila Has Puppies!

Dr. B's great-great-great-great granddaughter Laila has puppies! Video of Center-Sinai Animal Hospital staff welcoming French Bulldog pups in their first out of mom's body experience


Strike up the band! And cigars all around. Laila Tov, Dr. B’s great-great-great-granddaughter, just gave birth to three lovely little pups. A cream lady, and two brindle kids (they look black now but will turn brindle as they begin to grow up). The smaller of the two brindles is a girl, the larger a boy. Clearly, all are doing splendidly.

Two of the 4-footed kids have names so far — the cream girl is L’dor, the brindle boy is Nefesh — we learn the meaning in the video. The new arrivals mark a welcome step in an exalted lineage of award winning Frenchies, we’re proud to note. The parents’ lines: GCH FESSEL’S NES GADOL MODANI’S LAILA TOV (LAILA) X GCH LIONHEART FORTUNE FIVE HUNDRED (BOBBY). For more information on all the titles the new mum has won, check other chapters in the Laila Tov Saga! Here’s a link to the first, where Laila began her march to many prizes.

About the video …

Our off-camera narrator Dr. Barry Baum, otherwise known as Chief of Staff at Center-Sinai Animal Hospital, takes us through the procedure as CSAH veteran veterinarians Drs. Carrillo and Oliver perform the successful Cesarean that enabled French Bulldog Laila Tov to give birth to the adorable little ones.

Fun moments to look for:

  • B’s lovely wife Linda wishing an off camera Laila Tov and the great-great-great-great grandad (and first time filmmaker) Dr. B well in their big adventure.
  • CSAH staffers making the new arrivals feel at home in their new Out of Mom’s Body experience.
  • Cameo appearances by: Uncle Boker Tov, Melanie Baum and Rhoda, sister-in-law to the human great-great-great granddad.

Special thanks from Dr. B and Laila Tov to both Doctors Oliver and Carrillo, and to the team of vet assistants and other staff whose invaluable assistance and warmth are evident in this little slice of life at Center-Sinai Animal Hospital.


You can also find a charming video of Mom Laila and kids by Linda, Dr. B’s wife, on our FB page. And keep checking for more. Dr. B plans frequent updates. Think he’s a proud great-great-great grandpa?

UPDATE: You can now see the kids at 25 days on our Facebook page. Enjoy.

FEB. 5: ShoMa at 5 1/2 weeks! From Dr. B, a bit more about the names and significance of Laila’s pups.

The word NeShoMa refers to one’s soul or essence. This litter commentates the souls of Fessie and Modi who passed away last year. L’Dor means from generation……it is the opening of the phrase, “L’Dor V’Dor” which means from generation to generation. Nefesh is the boy’s name and it, too, means someone’s soul or essence.

Nefesh Baum at 5 and a half weeks -- what an adorable baby French bulldog!
OMG! You won’t believe this! Nefesh at 8 weeks. Check out our Facebook page to see the mug shots for yourself!


As seen on:

NBC, Los Angeles Times, CBS and Animal Planet