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Monthly Archives: May 2015

Lynx Siamese Cat To Good Home


This Siamese cat is the perfect pet for someone who wants lots of interaction and activity. He is wonderful with children and he is very loving, loyal, intuitive, demanding and social. I have foster cats and now they do not get along with him. I have contacted the shelters, but they are overpopulated and all they would do is turn him back on the street. I do not want him to become a stray cat so please help me find a loving and healthy home for him to live.

If you would like to have this wonderful feline enliven your home, contact Kelli Nicole. Of course, please put the @ in place of at to get the right email address.

himalayanBB at

Kittens need loving home!

I have two beautiful male gray tabbies. They are 3 months old. Healthy, playful, loving and deserve a good home. We are keeping the mother and two other kittens from her litter, otherwise I would love to keep the two boys too, but we don’t have the room. They love to play with their toy mice, chase their tails and each other. They are litter box trained and have never gone outside. They are very sweet and deserve a loving person or family to adopt them.

If you can be the person or family to bring these cuddly cuties home, please contact Evelyn: evelyn.r.moore at

Blessings on you, and the little ones!

Lion hugs rescuer as a lion friend looks on

Incredible Reunion – Huge Lion Hugs Rescuer

Lion hugs rescuer as a lion friend looks onAn Incredible Reunion – Huge Lion Hugs Rescuer. 

Valentin Gruener gets a huge “thanks!” from Sirga the lioness. He saved her when her pack turned away from her. Now she lives at Gruener’s Modisa Wildlife Project, in Botswana, Africa.

A wonderful, moving experience, showing how love extends over time between our furry friends, large in this case, and ourselves.

Rating: 2 hankies. This one may make you cry.

Another wonderful tale of unusual inter-species connections. Extraordinary Mothers is about a dog who mothers kittens. It's just heartwarming. And fuzzy.

Extraordinary Mothers – Dog Who Mothers Kittens

Burlington, Iowa Humane Society — Extraordinary Mothers Video. Talk about heartwarming. Here’s another just wonderful Inter-Species Video. Can’t get too much fuzzier than this lovely tail of a dog who mothers kittens. Enjoy!

Baby tigers monkey around


Talk about heartwarming! There is a whole set of photos of Anjara, the chimp who has been mothering a series of abandoned felines, as reported in the UK’s The Sun. Click the photo or link below to see them all, along with the story.

Frostie Bird Dancing to Shake Your Tail Feather. ©Karla K. Larsson. A bird who loves to perform, and isn't being mistreated, so we're pleased to share this video!

Frostie Bird Dancing To Shake Your Tail Feather! © Karla K. Larsson

Shake it, shake it, baby! Frostie is a wonderful performing bird whose human is not mistreating him, as unfortunately happens all too often, so we wanted to share his amazing performance with you. We dare you not to shake your own tail feathers when he starts to move!

In this adorable short piece, you'll see a baby and Boxer Dog video, as shown originally on the Bonnie Hunt Show. Wonderful dog-human relationship beginning.

Baby and Boxer Seen on ‘The Bonnie Hunt Show’

This one, a baby and Boxer dog video, isn’t new but somehow just crossed our desktop. SO worth a viewing! You may be directed to watch on YouTube. The link will work there if so. You can easily come back here by closing the tab that your browser displays.

We've never seen a better hungry cat video.

Hungry Cat

A truly hungry cat! In this fun video you’ll get a kick out of what this cat does. Does the furry black cat in this short story of a film remind you of any pussycats you know?

Paternal dog Billy takes on an unusual kid

Goat Kid
Here’s a new one to catch. Photos to tug at your heartstrings from the Daily Mail in the UK, telling the tale of an abandoned kid adopted by a dog at an animal shelter. Mama goat rejected the young one to care for the two stronger kids. Sometimes survival of the fittest is hard to take, no?
A video classic! Charming take on a dog's life. Dog dining video by Joris Beim - Dinner for One. Really clever and well done story, with terrific dialog.

Joris Beim – Dinner for One

Have you seen this classic dog dining video by Joris Beim – Dinner for One? Really clever and well done story, with fun sounds. Enough to make anyone salivate for more. One of our fave dog videos….

Crow & Kitten are Friends? An early version of a most engaging video genre today, Inter-Species stories. Here, mortal enemies bird and cat can be BFFs.

Crow and Kitten are Friends?

This one’s title is, “Unlikely Friends.” An early example of a growing, and most charming genre, Inter-Species Videos, you’ll see that instead of being the mortal enemies we are used to seeing, this crow and kitten are friends. A lesson for humans we should take to heart?

Riding a wave of hope with Ricochet, the surfing service dog. One of the best inspirational videos ever!

Riding a wave of hope with Ricochet — One of the best inspirational videos ever!

Riding a wave of hope with Ricochet, the surfing service dog. One of the best inspirational videos ever!

This is a real heart warming video…the tale of a dog who’s a natural surfer, and now a surfing service dog.

Note: Once you click you may need to re-click to view this on YouTube. You can then come back here by simply using your browser’s back button, or closing the tab the YouTube video may open in your browser window. Happy viewing!

As seen on:

NBC, Los Angeles Times, CBS and Animal Planet