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Al Plechner DVM is known for helping pets with SARDS regain at least partial sight and energy. A caring, dedicated member of our staff at Center-Sinai Animal Hospital.

Al Plechner, DVM

Staff Veterinarian

In the photo, Dr. Al Plechner in the ultra-sound room at Center-Sinai Animal Hospital

Dr. Plechner is originally from the land of Puget Sound, so he was used to the daily hiking he did while attending Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. But one fateful day, the apple bought from the street vendor he patronized daily bit him back – with typhoid fever. “I almost died,” he said, “because they misdiagnosed me.” This event marked a real turning point in his life; he came back to his second home, Los Angeles, to get treated.

But it wasn’t until he brought his English bulldog Moose to see his vet, Larry Lippincott, that Plechner’s life really turned around. Without saying anything to him, Dr. Lippincott called Walt Tyler, the Dean of Admissions at U.C. Davis, a personal friend, and recommended the future Dr. Plechner for the school. Plechner immediately took to the place, and made a switch to veterinary medicine, away from the human medicine with which he had become disenchanted because of the misdiagnosis in his own case. “They were doing research at Davis that I had been interested in, and I really lucked out,” he said. The research turned into a number of papers on diet and its relation to both human and animal health. He retired after 40 years, disturbed by the lack of recognition for the validity of his published theories on the importance of hormones and diet on both animals and humans.

But now, he reports, his work is being recognized broadly. “The Townsend Letters, a well established medical journal which has published a number of my articles, has just published my new article on infertility as it relates to humans and animals. (These can be viewed at www.TownsendLetter.com.) And I have been asked to lecture at a symposium for the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association on hormone-antibody imbalances that cause allergies, autoimmunity and cancer.”

Given the acceptance of his life’s work, published in numerous books and articles, and requests from former clients, Dr. Plechner decided to return to veterinary medicine. He had met Dr. Baum when they were on a television show together, and always liked him. And they are both pleased that he is now on staff at Center-Sinai Animal Hospital.

New! Look for three new books from Dr. Plechner:

  • “Endocrine-Immune Mechanisms in Animals and Human Health Implications.” In this book, Dr. Plechner  relates the cause of common hormone-immune imbalances seen in animals to humans.
  • “50 Years of Healing” – an eye opener for pet owners and veterinarians, filling a knowledge gap involving the identification and treatment of catastrophic diseases in animals and people.
  • ”Against the Odds, Given Up For Dead.” This book deals with the cause of catastrophic diseases in animals and people as opposed to merely treating the effects.

These books will be available as paperbacks from Amazon.com, and will also be available as e-books, downloadable for Kindle readers. Get info on the books and links to purchase on his site: http://drplechner.com

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