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Center-Sinai Animal Hospital  
Serving the Los Angeles Community since 1969

10737 Venice Blvd.  
Los Angeles, CA 90034 
(310) 559-3770 

Full range of pet care and emergency  veterinary services available

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Dr. Barry Baum, Chief of Staff, Center Sinai Animal Hospital, West Los Angeles


Read a question and answer from our archives here, and scroll down to ask me a question you and your pet have been pondering!  Check articles and questions others have asked using the Ask Dr. B and Pet Conditions buttons, and check our stories, too. Please note: if you believe your pet's situation is critical, Dr. Baum urges you to contact your vet ASAP.


My rat terrier dog's drinking and urinating a lot!

  Dear Dr. Baum --

I have a rat terrier who has always been potty trained -- no probs. But recently he seems to be drinking more water and having trouble holding his urine, and is going in the house, which is very unlike him. He knows it's wrong, he just can't help it. He doesn't seem to be running fever and asks like he normally does, doesn't seem to act as if he's sore either. Could this just be a bladder infection or should I take him to the vet if he's not better in a day or two? He's not a puppy nor an elderly dog, I would say he's middle aged.

Thank you for any helpful advice you can send my way.

Karen, Texas

Dear Karen:

Increases in water consumption and an increase in urinations definitely need to be checked out by running blood and urine tests. The most common conditions that cause these symptoms include kidney disease and diabetes. Occasionally malfunctions of the adrenal glands will also produce these signs. Have it checked out as all the above conditions can be significantly helped if detected early in their course.

Please also read two articles dealing with this issue on our site:

Increased Water Drinking
Increased Water Drinking Article 2: Diabetes

Good Luck!!
Dr. B

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